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Colorful Vision of The World In One Place

  • 92 Pages – Biography
  • |
  • Diary
  • |
  • Perspective
  • |
  • 13 March 2017

This book gives a perspective of the world through the author’s eyes. The author, Aaron Hannah, emphasizes on the beauty of the world, the people in it, and all the vibrant attractions that Mother Nature has to offer. He talks about all the beautiful women he has encountered and how he chooses to only see their beauty, inner and outer, and why he decides to ignore their flaws. Aaron describes his encounters in the most colorful way, jotting down intricate details of the women he sees on a daily basis.

Authors: Aaron Hannah

Comments & Discussion

Author's Comment:
“I have been through considerable struggle in my life but I sure am glad because it has taught me a lot of lessons. Most of all, it has taught me to give. It has taught me to help others and try to give everyone a good start. I try to look at the good in people and not the bad. I dedicate this book to everyone who has been through a rough life.”

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