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Alex Chaban

Dallas, TX
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AboutAlex Chaban

He has been working as an entrepreneur for the past nine years and he truly treasures all the things he learned and experienced during these years because along with business and career, they taught him a lot about life. After realizing that the amount of knowledge he had gathered in these years was enough to teach a thousand people, he thought he would write a book of his own! He would not really call himself an introvert; at times he does turn to become quite anti-social and that has come to help him in his career a lot. This is because he gets an ample time to read, review and write. At least twice a day he experiences a writer's block- yes, it is that frequent and it is good because it helps him discover a million things he can do to counter a writer's block. After digging deeper into writing, He founds that writing about himself and his growth fascinates him and that is why his work comprises of a lot of personal experiences than sheer imagination. His first book is a story about all the times he thoughts he had failed in life.


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  • McGill University Montreal, QC
  • English - Literary Studies 2003


  • Professional Ghostwriter Dallas, TX
  • Ghostwriter 2008


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NCTE - 2015

The Jean Renoir Award.

Flannery Oconnor Award For Short Fiction.