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Jennifer Tarango

Dallas, TX
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  • Construction Manager, Businessman & Writer.
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AboutJennifer Tarango

She started her career in the construction industry after her undergraduate studies. Canada is an industrial economy and there was/is always room for more individuals in this industry. She has moved to the country multiple times for educational purposes and work. Every state of Canada has its specific laws that it abides by, therefore, her exposure to Canadian land allowed her to explore and learn the multifold of methods of management and construction. She has been working at an Edmonton based construction company for 8 years now, and the incoming new projects always give her something to learn from and look forward to. She is responsible for her subordinates, their performance, and their evaluation, along with the management of the entire project(s). After gaining a stronghold on the field of her choosing, She authored a guidebook which helps students/employees/prospective-managers to refer to it for a step-by-step and detailed prescription on how to excel at their job. She has started working on the base plan of her own construction company which she intends to establish in the next two years.


  • Repeat clients 67%
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  • University of Alberta Alberta
  • Masters in Construction Management 2009


  • Professional Ghostwriter Dallas, TX
  • Ghostwriter 2014 - Present


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The Art of Construction and Management