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Treating Schizoaffective Disorder

  • 213 Pages – Psychology
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  • Research
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  • Science
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  • 23 March 2017

This book covers the research conducted by Mahmoud Sadeghi on treating schizoaffective disorder. The clinical study covers all aspects of the treatment of the case, from the patient’s history, diagnosis, and symptoms, to the various theories that help in understanding the patient and reducing negative symptoms. The research is divided into three phases; the beginning phase where the patient is diagnosed and symptoms are discussed, the middle phase where treatment and the adaption to treatment is encouraged, and the ending phase where negative symptoms are reduced and coping skills are developed.


Comments & Discussion

Author's Comment:
“I would like to pay my whole hearted gratitude to my graduate advisor, Dr. Madeline Taylor for her unlimited guidance, patience, and support throughout the preparation of this manuscript. I also am indebted to other Ryokan faculty/staff including Mr. Terry Arthur for his technical support and in particular to the Department Chair, Dr. Scott Greer who has been a foundation of continuous inspiration and education. I am also indebted to my clinical supervisor, Dr. Dorit Miller and the Antioch University Clinical Director Dr. Eric Day for their supervision comments, support and guidance. My special thanks goes to all members of my family and friends who have encouraged and supported me in this undertaking.”

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